Smart Light Bulbs That Don’t Require a Hub


Choosing the right smart lights in and of itself can be a long process. Unfortunately, there is nothing worse than buying smart bulbs and finding that all those smart features won’t work without the sold separately hub. However, not every smart light bulb does require a hub, and these options have an array of compatibility.

Philips Hue A19

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Among smart lighting, Philips Hue is an infamous powerhouse. However, if you have looked into them even a little bit, you will know that they used to require the Philips Bridge hub. Some models still do, but the A19 and BR30 models are now Bluetooth compatible, which means you can control them from their own free app. As a staple brand, you also know you are getting quality here.

Flux WiFi Smart LED

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A great colored bulb with a 20,000 lifetime and the free Flux app to make it all work. This bulb is also compatible for voice commands from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. What is particularly nice about the app is that it allows to program lighting schedules to make it seem like you are home when on vacation. You can also link them to adjust the lighting with your music, which adds to some fun novelty.


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If you are looking for something more affordable just to try out the benefits of smart lighting, the Yeelight can be your first for a less pricey investment that can come with other models. It similarly can sync up the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for use without a hub. As it has its own built-in WiFi, you can adjust it readily in the app. Like the above Flux bulb, the app highlights scheduling for use. One interesting feature is that it can sync it with your alarm in order to have lights on when it is time to wake up.