3 Clever Ways to Use Home Automation

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Home automation can help you manage everything from your lights to your kitchen appliances. Once you understand the ins and outs of your new system, you can put it to work for you in a wide variety of different ways. Here are some clever ideas or use cases you might want to try when you start using a home automation system for the first time.

Turn On Different Lights at Different Times to Deter Theft

Plenty of homeowners have a lamp or two in their home on a timer and set it to come on at a specific time every day even if they are not in the house. This could deter a thief by making them think someone is home. But the most savvy troublemakers today know that timers like these exist and if they decide to scope out your house for a few days before the theft attempt, they might realize what’s actually going on when that same lamp turns on at the same time every day.

But a home automation system can help you throw a curve into this situation. Once all of your lights are connected to your home automation, you can set up any kind of schedule you like and adjust it with just one tap on your smartphone. Make a living room lamp come on at 2 p.m. on Mondays and 4 p.m. on Tuesdays. Turn your bedroom light on or off from your phone even while you are still at work.

Get the Coffee Going Before You Get Up

If love a cup of coffee in the morning, wouldn’t it be great if it was immediately ready for you as soon as you rolled out of bed? It’s possible today to find a coffee machine that will connect to your home automation system and start a fresh pot either at a certain time or when you tap a button on your phone while still under the covers.

Let Your Music Follow You

If you have multiple audio speakers or sound systems, you can send your favorite playlist from your phone to the speakers located in your current room. When you walk into a different room, simply tap a button on your phone and your music will keep playing without you missing a beat.