Nest x Yale Lock


The Nest x Yale Lock is a keyless, tamper proof door lock that you can use alone or as part of your Nest smart home system. Lock or unlock your door from anywhere. Check the status of the door lock using just your voice with Google Assistant. Know when someone enters or leaves your home. Give people you trust a unique passcode instead of a key. No more lost keys, juggling groceries, or “Did I lock the front door?” moments.

The Smart Lock for the Smart Home

Once connected to the Nest app, you can lock and unlock the door from your smartphone. You can also check the status of the lock, and see who’s coming and going. Save a step and set the Nest x Yale Lock to auto lock when Nest knows you’re gone. You can also lock your door using Google Assistant or include your lock as part of a programmed Routine like “Goodnight.” (As a safety measure, your door can’t be unlocked using a voice command. This keeps an unauthorized person from unlocking your door with their voice.)

Plays Well with Others

Use Nest Lock by itself or integrate it into your smart home devices using Nest Connect or Nest Guard. If you purchase the lock at a  retailer, Nest Connect is included. You don’t need to buy anything else to make it work. If you already have a Nest Secure alarm system, you don’t need Nest Connect. When you purchase the lock from, you have the option to purchase the lock without Nest Connect. If you’re using the Nest Secure alarm system, you can set the Nest app to disarm your alarm when the door is unlocked.

Convenient and Secure

Nest x Yale Lock replaces the existing deadbolt on your wood, metal or fiberglass door and works on most standard door thicknesses. Install it yourself or purchase the lock with professional installation, with easy online scheduling. One installed, you’ll get alerts if someone tries to tamper with it or enters an incorrect passcode 5 times. Create unique passcodes for different people, and enable/disable guest access. You’ll always know who’s entering your home, and control when they can enter.

How Does it Work?

The lock runs on 4 standard AA batteries and will begin alerting you when the batteries are getting low and again when they’re getting critically low. If the lock loses power, charge it quickly by holding a 9V battery to the terminals at the bottom of the lock. You can enter your code and unlock the door. You don’t need Wi-Fi to be able to enter your home using the door keypad. Wi-Fi is required for the lock to respond to any commands you send it from your smartphone or other device, though. Finally, like the Nest Learning Thermostat, the Nest x Yale Lock comes in multiple colors to accent any home.