Features to Look For When Buying a Smart Camera

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Secure Your Home With Smart Camera Technology

Smart cameras are the perfect addition to keeping your smart home secure even when you are not there. However, these cameras aren’t the bulky models you are used to seeing on commercial properties. They are sleek, affordable, and most importantly, come with many useful features to suit your unique security needs. If you are looking into installing a smart camera for your home, here are features you will want to look out for.

Camera Compatibility

Like most other smart devices, there are smart cameras that play better with some devices than others. You definitely don’t want a Google-based smart camera for your Alexa-using home system. You can use it, but it won’t be very smooth and won’t be integrated at all. Yet, that being said, many models work with both as well.


Smart cameras come in wired and wireless varieties. The wired varieties come with a distinct “set it and forget it” ease of installation, but wireless versions do have more freedom when it comes to camera placement. Unfortunately, wireless models do require you to remember to charge the batteries.


Many smart cameras lock some of the finer features behind a subscription fee. Live feeds are usually without a need to subscribe, but if you require features like facial recognition, certain alerts, or access to cloud storage, you may need to pay a monthly fee.

Smart Camera Features

Similar to the subscription service, you will want to be mindful of what features are included with the camera itself. If you want a camera that has certain features, you want to make sure it actually says it has them. Furthermore, you will want to evaluate if certain features are something you really need or will use. In the realm of smart cameras, often the more affordable models are filled with features people really want while the more expensive models definitely have more niche features.

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